2 year old and Dexcom G6

We tried putting the G6 on my 2-year-old son today but it didn’t go so well. Is he too young to use it?

Hi Josh,

According to Dexcom’s website, the G6 is approved for ages 2 years and up. I would definitely call the customer support number 1-844-607-8398 and let them know what happened. They have always been more than happy to replace any of my sensors for free that failed or didn’t go in properly. Also they can give you some helpful tips to hopefully make the next insertion easier! Good luck! I hope it works out.

Hi Josh @PermianJosh, everyone is different and as @flebeccaann just wrote, that sensor is “approved” by FDA for ages two and up.
Apparently your child’s doctor thinks that it might work so go with her/his recommendation; there isn’t anyone on here who knows your son’s body better than you and his doctor.