100th Day of School

So, we've reached the 100th day!!  How is everyone's year going?  In PA we are preparing for the PSSA's in March....they are just around the corner!  Cannot believe the year is more than half over already!  Look forward to hearing from all of you!!!

Hi Angela!

I noticed you are from New Oxford.  I am actually really close to you - I'm in York.  I teach Kindergarten and we just had a PSSA pep rally today in our school.  Some of my students asked me when they get to take the test.  It seemed so cool to them.... poor things have no idea what is coming!  We are up to 119 days of school today.  Almost summer! :)  NOT looking forward to going to Jamaica with an insulin pump though.

Hi Stacey!   Where do you teach?  We had a PSSA Pep Rally last Friday and had our first day of testing today:(  I teach at Spring Grove Intermediate school!  How long have you been teaching???  Why aren't you looking forward to going to Jamaica with a pump?  You could disconnect for a bit if you spend some time on the beach....just make sure you talk to your endo before doing it!  Looking forward to chatting with you! 

Hi Angela,


I teach in Dallastown - Kindergarten! <3  I actually taught in Spring Grove at New Salem Elementary in 2005-2006 as a long term sub - Reading Specialist.  This is my 6th year teaching now.  I had 2nd grade for 4 years and then we went to full day K and got my chance at my ideal position.  i am loving it!!!  I am not looking forward to going to Jamaica with a pump because I feel like it is going to be a total annoyance with wearing a bathing suit and dresses, swimming constantly, water sports, etc.  I have gone to a pool with it before but I did a lot of laying around.  I am hoping to have more fun than that on our vacation!!  I'm excited to meet someone in the area that has Type 1.  I've only have one friend, in college, that had it.  Other than that, I don't really know anyone that has Type 1.  Good luck to your kiddos on the PSSA!  :)